Love Share Bond Bubbamoe Slings

October is annual World Baby Wearing Month. As a special promotion for October only, all slings have been discounted and come with a free Mini Moe Dolly Sling. Just pick a Mini Moe of your choice at the checkout, and type minimoe 14 in the coupon code, where it will be taken off the total.

1 Sling – 7 different ways to carry your baby!

There is a wonderful subliminal brilliance to slings; they are one of the few nursery items that help initiate the essential bonding between a parent & their child. 

Bubba Moe Sling‛s award winning shape has been designed to support your baby‛s developing body at all stages of growth.

From newborn to toddlers this simple and easy to use sling can be worn 7 different ways making it one of the most convenient slings in the market.

It only takes 30 seconds to put on. All you do is; place baby, pull strap so it fits to size and you‛re ready to go!

One of the most practical, hardworking, economical ‘sanity saving‛ items any parent can have.

Perfect for today‛s busy family on the go!

Designed for you, your baby and your peace of mind.